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Palmetto Packings

Palmetto Packings is a leading manufacturer of high-quality packing materials for pumps and valves. Packing rings are used to provide a "compression seal" for pumps and valves.

Packing is also called pump packing, valve packing, braided packing, compression packing and mechanical packing. Over a 100 years of demonstrated material expertise, we provide good customer value across a wide variety of industries.

We offer many different packing materials from PTFE, PTFE/graphite like 100% GFO, carbon, aramid, flax, acrylic, flexible graphite, novoloid, graphite and Palmetto engineered custom packings.

You can trust Palmetto to keep your business running and manage your most critical sealing applications.

Palmetto, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greene, Tweed & Co., a global leader in innovative, custom-engineered solutions for the
aerospace, oilfield, petrochem & power and semiconductor & solar industries.

Palmetto * 25 Engerman Ave. * Denton, Maryland  21629 USA
Phone: (410) 479-2244 * Fax: (410) 479-0836 * E-mail: info@palmettopackings.com
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